Fotona Lasers

Since 1964 Fotona has been a pioneering,
technology-based company. Our laser systems
are the result of over 40 years of experience and
of our know-how and expertise in the fields of
medicine, communications, industry and
defense. As a consequence Fotona is
recognized as a world leader in the innovation,
development and manufacture of laser systems.

Fotona XP Max
1064nm Nd:YAG Laser

With 130W power and 120J energy, and a
42cm2 scan area, the Fotona XP MAX is the
fastest, most versatile laser system in the
world for:
  • hair removal
  • vascular treatment
  • acne treatment
  • skin rejuvenation
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Fotona SP Plus
Nd:YAG / Er:YAG / Fractional Combination

The DualisSP combines two complementary
treatment lasers in one laser system. The
combination of the ablative Er:YAG and the non-
ablative Nd:YAG lasers provide an extensive
range of effective and efficient aesthetic
  • skin resurfacing
  • scar revision
  • pigmented and raised lesions
  • laser peels
  • hair removal
  • acute acne treatment
  • vascular lesions and leg veins
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Fidelis XS
Variable Pulsed Er:YAG Laser

The FidelisXS is a compact yet powerful laser
system for surgery and resurfacing treatments
in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Its gold
standard Er:YAG laser provides treatment
versatility for a wider range of treatment options.


Fotona QX
Q-switched KTP / Nd:YAG Laser

Unwanted tattoos and unsightly pigmented
lesions can have a very negative impact on
people's lives. The high-powered Fotona QX
dual laser system is specifically designed for
effective multi-colored tattoo and pigment
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Fotona Lasers
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