Transderm Ionto

Transderm Ionto Needle-free Mesotherapy System
Mattioli Engineering

System Overview
The Transderm® Ionto is a powered drug delivery system that is indicated for the local administration of
ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections. The
Transderm Ionto is the
only FDA-approved device of it's kind.

Transderm® Ionto System uses Dermoelectroporation® Technology that causes the skin to create
“channels” to allow ionic dug solutions to penetrate due to controlled “electroporation-like” continuous
reversed polarity electrical pulses increasing the skin permeability and allowing transdermal delivery of
drugs as occurs in classical Ionthophoresis, even if the average current value is zero. This pulsed
Ionthophoresis with safe, current-limited, pulsed “Electroporation-like” waveforms allows either micro-
molecules and macro-molecules to be delivered into the body without either modification of the ionic drug
solutions pH and avoiding either electrolytic effect at the electrodes and electrolysis of the ionic solution
itself.. This means the technology works like a injection and it is not invasive as any injection is.

Selected Advantages of the Transderm® Ionto System vs. Traditional Ionthophoresis
Able to treat the same surface in about half of the time or deliver double the dosage of ionic drug solution
Capability of Transdermal Delivery of ionic solution of drugs.
Capability of Transdermal Delivery for the first time ever of ionic solution of macromolecules.
No electrolysis of ionic drug solutions.
No variation in the ionic drug solution pH.
Both positive and negative ions of the drug are transdermally delivered at the same time.
Promotes transdermal delivery rate by means of microdermabrasion and pulses delivery.
Reproducibility of dose delivered due to preliminary microdermabrasion.
Vibration feature to minimize the electrical pulses perception on patients.
Non-Invasive action. No trauma from injections.


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