LICA EuroPeel
Microdermabrasion System (demo)

Dual-motor, high-powered microdermabrasion system for skin
rejuvenation with reduced operating costs and minimal
maintenance needed. Multiple handpiece designs for greater
control and advanced viral filtration system to minimize

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Beyond WhiteSpa
Professional Teeth Whitening System (new)

FDA-approved non-invasive teeth whitening system for all
cosmetic practices. No special license needed to operate.
Incredible return on investment with treatment prices $200 -
$400 per treatment. Just one treatment sees improvement 10 -
14 shades.

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Quantel Medical Athos Laser
Nd:YAG Laser for Hair Removal and Leg Veins

Wavelength            1064nm
Fluence                   35 J/cm2
Rep Rate                up to 1Hz
Spot Size                4mm

Price: $9900
Luxar LX-20 Laser
CO2 Laser System (demo)

Standard or SuperPulse technology for minor surgical
procedures. Available with Scanner for resurfacing.

Price: $18,900
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Used and demo-model equipment available from New Laser Science. All systems are factory
inspected and certified, and come with full warranty. Please
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Fotona Fidelis Variable-Pulsed Erbium Laser
Minimally ablative skin resurfacing

2940nm, up to 1000mj pulse energy, pulsewidth up to
1000ms, 2002 model. 90 day warranty

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Quantel Medical Viridis Derma KTP Laser
Vascular lesions, rosacea, pigmented lesions

532nm KTP Laser, multi-pulse technology
delivering more total energy to the target and
minimizing damage to surrounding tissue.

Price: $9900

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